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Absolutely love the sketchy outlines to the characters; your skill really shines through with the weight difference between the two characters throughout the animation, especially in the climbing scene! Smashing work.

Cute Graphics, smashing voice acting and hilarious ragdoll animation. Love the ending and like any Star Wars film the incorporation of the Wilhelm scream! I look forward to watching the rest of your work ^^

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I've played this game for years and have exclaimed how much I adore this project. For anyone interested, noio has developed Kingdom into a full blown game which is now available. Enjoy http://rawfury.com

Oh my days, the visuals for this game are stunning - really blew me away the first time I got the view off the edge of the world for the first time. Love the whole floating world, the visuals of the waterfalls was executed brilliantly. The design of the Weaver is fantastic - his character embedded in the ground kind of reminded me of demon doors from fable/easter island heads. Initially had the technical issues but they quickly subsided after disabling hardware acceleration. The story was rich but did feel that some of the missions near the end were just trying to draw out gameplay time (in particular the one with the ring where the pieces all happened to be at the four furthest corners of the earth from each other). Despite this, a truly magical experience playing. Thanks for making this!

Simple game with nicely interchanged blushing sprites when start losing (gaining love) health. I do think it definitely needs some form of soundtrack in gameplay to increase the entertainment of the game, especially if you're playing on the theme around Valentines day. You could make it so the more life you lost the louder some kind of cheesy romantic track becomes. Regarding the health bar I'd either make it bigger and more visible or use the blushing of the character as the main indicator of losing health. Still some work to go with getting it perfect but from what I remember of building an avoiding game it shouldn't be too difficult to implement changes. Hope this was helpful!

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